Lindsay Merriman met Amelia Jones and never looked back. While keeping up with Jones, she burned bridges and ignored all the warning signs. Steal the dog. Take the car. Run away before the shady guy does something awful to the waitress. Maybe being asked to beat someone with a baseball bat will wake her up. Or maybe it won’t.

Hannah was a little girl when Annabel died. She blamed herself that brick fell on Annabel's head. So Hannah ran away. There would be no forgiveness. Four years later, Hannah was playing a guitar in the park for money, sleeping with her homeless boyfriend to stay warm. Then her heart stops. A girl, who would be Annabel's age if she lived, was watching her in the park.  The ghost from her past had found her. The shame she lived with was there, following her. When her ghost began to speak, Hannah didn't know what to do next.

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