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Corporal David McAllister was a good old boy from the mountains of Kentucky. In the grand tradition of the McAllister clan, he found himself a proper woman in college and was going to take over the old homestead once he graduated college. Then the virus spread through China, turning the locals into cannibals. The virus hit Singapore. Tokyo. Mexico City. El Paso. Then Louisville. David was called up for active duty again, and the virus was all around him.

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Expanded Universe

Aliens invaders brought the zombie virus. Who would have thought?
Not Sergeant David McAllister. As the Marines in Kentucky retreated further into the holler, the safe haven behind them descended into chaos, with Zombie worshiping cults, family clans settling ancient rivalries and a fractured, disorganized chain of command that could barely find their feet as they scrambled to survive against the monsters of the night. In the time of dying, Sergeant McAllister had a pretty busy day just surviving hordes of flesh eating cannibals. Now he had to fight aliens too? Sounded like a job for the Marines.

The Thin Line of Life started over the phone, during an Iraq deployment. It grew into so much more. 

Private Michael Kolcek used to be a sergeant. But honestly, he never really cared, spending most of his days left in Germany at the pub. But the army has other plans for him. The cannibal plague had spread to Russia. That meant Kolcek was in for the duration.