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Origins and Basic Training Stories

Introducing Gregory Ian (G.I.) Low, a creative writing major turned unlikely Non-commissioned Officer, “G.I. Low” tells the stories of the Soldier too often forgotten about. Soldiers who process paper work, clean up brass, and fill out formations, reading about combat in Greenbeans over a cup of coffee. Featured here is the first anthology of “G.I. Low” comics. Before he was the most beleaguered and underachieving Team Leader in the Army, SGT Low was merely a beleaguered and underachieving Soldier in Training. From the recruiting station to the firing range to graduation, these comics capture every wonderfully awkward moment of the Basic Training experience. Think of it as Boot Camp with fewer Drill Sergeants screaming about hospital corners! Whether you are a Soldier, Airman, Sailor, Marine, Coast Guard, or (gasp) Civilian, there is something for everyone in this book. The experiences within these pages are for anyone who has ever simultaneously been proud of themselves for what they do, while also being totally bewildered and feeling completely lost. Can I get a “HOOAH”?


Mosquito Wings and Tear Drops

"B.F.A. #2: Mosquito Wings and Tear Drops", the second anthology of "G.I. Low" comics, covers the earliest years of much beleaguered SGT Gregory Ian (G.I.) Low as he navigates the awkward, stressful, and often unintentionally hilarious moments that make up the modern American Army.