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“G.I. Low” tells the stories of the Soldiers who process paper work, clean up brass, and fill out formations, reading about combat in Greenbeans over a cup of coffee. Featured here is the first anthology of “G.I. Low” comics. From the recruiting station to the firing range to graduation, these comics capture every awkward moment of the Basic Training experience.  Can I get a “HOOAH”? Click on the cover to learn more!

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"B.F.A. #2: Mosquito Wings and Tear Drops", the second anthology of "G.I. Low" comics, covers the earliest years of much beleaguered SGT Gregory Ian (G.I.) Low as he navigates the awkward, stressful, and often unintentionally hilarious moments that make up the modern American Army. Click on the cover to learn more!

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Witness the military’s worst NCO fail upwards to new lows in his latest book, “A New Low”! See him grow as a Sergeant as he sponsors Soldiers at the Promotion Board, mentors his subordinates, and goes to the Drill Sergeant Academy! Click the cover to learn more!

Behind The Scenes

G.I. Low 1Derwin Lester
00:00 / 27:10

The creator of G.I. Low stops by to update us on his upcoming third issue along with tales of working behind the camera at PBS! 

G.I. Low 2Derwin Lester
00:00 / 18:06

G.I. Low creator Pete Barlow stops by today to talk with us about setting up at comic conventions. 

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