Volume 1

Corporal David Macallister was a good old boy from the mountains of Kentucky. He did his time in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps Reserve, and was reaping the rewards of the G.I. Bill as he short timed the last six months of his contract.


In the grand tradition of the MacAllister clan, he found himself a proper woman in college and was going to take over the old homestead once he graduated. But one day a report came on the news about a virus spreading through China, turning the locals into cannibals.


The virus hit Singapore. Tokyo. Mexico City. El Paso. Then Louisville. David was called up for active duty again, and the virus was all around him.


Private Michael Kolcek used to be a Sergeant.


But honestly, he never cared a whole lot about that sort of thing. His time as a linguist in the Army is almost up, so he spends most of his days left in Germany trying to pick up frauleins at the pub. But the Army has other plans for him, as it often does.

The cannibal plague had spread to Russia. While there was no love lost between United States Army and the Godless Communists, it was fairly close to it's NATO allies. So the Army put a team of specialists together to go into Russia, and see what the fuss was all about. Turns out they needed a linguist.

Kolcek was in for the duration. Some days you can't ditch the Military Police. Other days, it's harder to get out of the Army. But every day, during the Russian Conflict of the Zombie War, the enemy was always bigger. Stronger. Hungrier. Well, maybe not hungrier. Kolcek didn't eat before the flight...


Volume 2

There is something in the dark. 

The stars in the night were a defense against the quiet monsters. 

Sergeant David Macalister was familiar with guiding his footsteps by starlight, having spent his youth in Kentucky. That lifetime of living in the night gave him an edge during the Zombie War, as the Marines in Kentucky retreated further into the mountains, building a wall to keep the monsters back.

As they did their best to fight back against the zombies in front of them, the safe haven behind the wall began to descend into chaos, with Zombie worshiping cults, family clans settling ancient rivalries and a fractured, disorganized chain of command that could barely find their feet as they scrambled to survive against the monsters of the night. In the time of dying, Sergeant Macalister took comfort in the stars, as he so often did in his youth. But one day, he saw a star moving towards him. Then it began to slow down. Then it landed.

Sergeant Macalister discovered the stars had betrayed him, because they were home to the monsters.

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