Timeline B-232

Eight years ago,Sergeant First Class Winston Carmichael fought the zombies. That meant running as fast as he could til there were enough people and bullets to stop the herd. Now he serves as a platoon sergeant in the Indianapolis Colony, doing his best to ensure that A) His LT doesn't get himself killed, and B) His platoon doesn't enter in a group marriage with one of the local prostitutes. As complicated as life could be, it was still easier than the war.Then word came from his ex-wife in San Antonio. A group of zombies had destroyed the colony. One of the zombies could talks and control the others. She was being held prisoner and needed his help. Which meant Winston was going to San Antonio. Only five years left til retirement...


Timeline C-232

The Infinite Winston Saga continues in The Liberation of Earth! 

In the timeline next door, Earth has been occupied by the alien Amphibite Empire since the Teddy Roosevelt Administration.

For one hundred years, the Amphibites have used the Human Soldiers of Earth to spread their control throughout the galaxy.

Winston Carmichael, a Sergeant First Class in The H.S.E., is retiring from military service and going to Indianapolis University. After seeing the horrors of the expansionist frontier as a soldier, along with fighting the rebel Rough Riders on Earth, Winston wants to join the elite Higher Caste and make life better for humanity. However, his hatred of all the terrible things he did in the name of Empire might be too much. The sobs of the local planetary nationals still kept him up at night. He wondered if the Rough Riders could sleep any better. Then he wondered if he should join them, just to kill as many Amphibites as he could.

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