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2022 wrap up

2022 was a year of transformation for Divided By Zero Books. This website grew into the way station for all our content. A blog that showcases my love of science fiction. A source of storage for my life's work. Most important of all, I figured out Google adsense! We've made ad revenue!

I also pulled most of our work off Kindle and Audible. Our back catalog ebooks are free to read on the blog forever. The audio books are behind a one time $10 paywall for 14 hours of content. The paperbacks are still on Amazon, but I don't think I'll put out any new content through them again.

I reconnected with an old creative collaborator recently. We had a falling out years ago, but have built a amazing new friendship out of what came before. We're even collaborating on a book of his, which fills me with joy.

I discovered my niche. I've been rereading the classics of science fiction. Foundation by Asimov's. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Phillip K. Dick. Childhoods End by Clark. I've been writing my reactions to these books, and I want to start the coolest book club you've ever been a part of. People who love these sorts of books and want to feel engaged with the material. People longing for learning in a routine world. It's not about being better than others. Its about being better than you were. People that might only have an hour a week to engage their brains. This is a major direction Literature for Warriors and Blanket Fortress of Solitude will go next year. The book club will drop every other Monday through 2023. My goal is to make 24 of these next year. The bi-weekly schedule also allows for other projects. Interviews, and short story writing. I'm still deep in my memoirs. Hopefully, that'll come out next year. After that, I'm kicking around the idea of a movie.

I can not wait. See you next year,

Derwin Lester


Divided By Zero Books

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