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Newsletter: October 10th, 2022

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Blanket Fort is going on ice for a bit after this week. All of my free time is currently being spent on getting the memoirs ready for January on both here and the Derwin Lester Show on Spotify. But don't worry, The Derwin Lester Show continues every Monday morning at 0700. This Newsletter will continue on the same schedule.

New This Week:

1. On The Blanket Fortress of Solitude:

Derwin and Dan discuss the 1990 classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Is Casey Jones homeless? What's with the raw sexual tension between Shredder and Master Tatsu? Will Casey and April go the distance? All these questions and more are answered!

2. The Derwin Lester Show:

Seeking a plan for the end of the world.

The Pandemic made preppers of us all. Seeing the panic buying and chaos of 2020 taught me to rely on myself as much as possible. This is my prepper journey.

Find it here:

3. Your Favorite Movie with Evan Kelly

This week on Your Favorite Movie, Evan is joined by Jared Walter, who specializes in classic films. His favorite movie is the 1969 countercultural road film Easy Rider. After a big score, two hippies travel from Los Angeles to New Orleans in hopes of making it in time for the big Mardi Gras celebration. Along their route, they meet kooky commune members, violent rednecks, and everyone in between It is considered by the American Film Institute one of the 100 greatest films of all time.

Find it here:

4. In production this week:

Late To Formation #4: Fort Gordon, GA

The first three installments go over my initial training for the Army. #4 goes into my first duty station, and how intense living on a wartime Army base was. After all 13 installments are written, I'll start recording them for The Derwin Lester Show. A paperback version will be up on Amazon. Look for these here around the first week of January,

5. Back Catalog: A Slice of Death by Derwin Lester II

Sergeant First Class Winston Carmichael fought the zombies. That meant out running the herd. Now he serves as a platoon sergeant in the Indianapolis Colony. Word came from his ex-wife in San Antonio. A group of zombies had destroyed the colony. One of the zombies could control the others. She was being held prisoner and needed his help. Now Winston is going to San Antonio. Only five years left til retirement...

Click the link to learn more: A Slice of Death | dividedbyzerobooks

6. Support Ukrainian Refugees

Until further notice, all profits from "To Russia, With Zombies," will be donated towards the International Committe of the Red Cross to help their efforts in supporting the refugee crisis from the Ukriane War. What does this mean? Every month, Amazon sends us a royalty check from sales of "To Russia, With Zombies." That check is then split three ways, 1. To the author. 2. To the editor. 3. To the publisher. The donation applies to #3, as the publisher has elected to donate his share of the profits to the ICRC. Learn more at this link:] After the author and the editor are paid out, the publisher will donate his share of the profits to the ICRC. Click the book cover to buy your copy now.

"Putin becomes a zombie?" The cannibal plague had spread to Russia. The U.S. Army put a team together to see what the fuss was all about. During the Russian Conflict of the Zombie War, the enemy was always bigger. Stronger. Hungrier. Well, maybe not hungrier. Kolcek didn't eat before the flight...