Good problems to have.

Updated: Oct 25

Some problems are good to have. My problems these days are good problems. I own a house, and it's a century old. The previous owners didn't keep it up. When my wife and I bought it five years ago, we had to wash dishes in the bathtub since the kitchen sink was less than operational. Now, I wake up every morning and load the dishwasher. The kitchen and two bathrooms have been remolded, and we just expanded from one shower to three.

The bathroom remodels happened this week and took up most of my bandwidth. I have a lot of material that I pre-recorded months ago that's playing on The Derwin Lester Show and The Blanket Fortress of Solitude, so I didn't have to worry about skipping a week. The home renovations are stressful enough but looking at the inflationary nature of everything these days the most recent plumbing upgrade was 80% more expensive today than it was pre-pandemic, so we pushed forward to get it done before it got too expensive. I remember growing up in homes with one shower, or sometimes only one bathroom. Now, when we have our own children, we'll have three fully functional bathrooms complete with updated showers. That, my friends, is luxury.

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Derwin Lester

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On The Blanket Fortress of Solitude:

I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today

In 1994, Kevin Smith released his debut movie Clerks. In 2004, I found the ten year anniversary edition Clerks X. It changed my life.

The Derwin Lester Show:


Before you can make peace with the monster under the bed, you have to acknowledge

he exists.

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In production this week:

One Winston, Two Many: Episode 1.

I finished the first rough draft and gave it to beta readers. They gave me some great notes, and I began re-writing the second chapter. It'll only be two chapters, since it's a short story. The climax was too abrupt, and if I do this right, it'll be more of a slow burn.

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