Ben and Jerry's: Secret Lovers.

Updated: Oct 25

What did I loose during the pandemic? Why my waistline, of course. Sweatpants are the best pants during the slow slog into the darkness. I once could run like the wind, you see. Ab muscles for days, or at least a few hours. Now I look at the Ben and Jerry's in my freezer like a secret lover I dare not tell my wife. Shhhh. Don't say it with words. Say it with waistline. Belts are for those that leave the house. A fun frolic through the waste land, tipping our toes into too many people. That's strange, there being too many people. No one could have told me that before the pandemic. I loved being around people, entertaining people, making them laugh. Then we stood six feet apart. The distance for me felt much further. But that was ok. I made new friends, Jerry and Ben. They could comfort me when no one else could. When it was too early for bourbon. When it was just me and the boys and the cats against the creeping darkness outside. The waistline expanding to fight the darkness. Now the darkness seems to be subsiding. But the waistline remains.

This blog post was read on the podcast, "I Have No Idea What I'm Doing," now on Spotify.

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New This Week:

On The Blanket Fortress of Solitude:


In 1999, Kevin Smith released Dogma, a film that examined his faith journey. It inspired me to examine my own.

The Derwin Lester Show:


After you understand why the monster under the bed is in pain, you learn who he is: You.

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In production this week:

One Winston, Two Many: Episode 1.

The recording script has been sent out, and the first round of recordings is booked for this upcoming Tuesday. I ended up doing a last-minute re-write of the antagonist to be the big brother of the protagonist, instead of the father. Since the story deals with how radical ideologies shape families, I liked the idea of how one brother took a mainstream path and the other brother held to the radical ideology of their youth, and the end results of both paths.

Seeking a plan for the end of the world.

The Pandemic made preppers of us all. During the March 2020 shut down, I had to figure out emergency plans for being on our own for seventy-two hours at least, given the horrors that were being shown from around the world. This episode goes deep into my time trying to outrun shortages and becoming as self-sustaining as possible. I THINK I'm mostly done recording it, but I might have a few more stories to get in there before it's done.

In Pre-Production

Late To Formation:

This is the nine-part Army Memoir podcast I recorded in 2021. I'm going to adapt it to the blog here, and for print on Amazon.

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