The Liberation Of Earth (Audio Book)

Updated: Nov 14

For one hundred years, The Human Soldiers of Earth dominated the galaxy. Winston Carmichael is retiring from military service and going to Indianapolis University. After fighting the rebel Rough Riders, Winston wants to join the elite Higher Caste and make life better for humanity. However, his hatred of the Empire might be too much. The sobs of the local planetary nationals still kept him up at night. He wondered if the Rough Riders could sleep any better. Then he wondered if he should join them, just to kill as many Amphibites as he could.

Like what you've heard? For a one-time $9.99 unlock this book along with the Divided By Zero Books back catalog forever! No subscription! The 14 hours of professionally produced audio book content includes:

When They Come For You

The Liberation of Earth

Tales of a Liberated Earth: Book 1

The Forever Sleep

and Spacers!

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