For 100 years, the Amphibite Empire ruled Earth. Detective David Ferguson knows better than to argue: limping from place to place on his cane, itching for a good case thrown his way. Wish granted.  A comfort girl who went off the grid. It should have been simple. But his best bet for tracking her down is a lowlife drug pusher who’s pushing something a lot more dangerous: truth. Maybe the Empire is not all it seems. Maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors. Maybe its hiding something much simpler - and more sinister as a result. As Ferguson falls deeper into the web of suspicion and lies, he learns that the truth hiding in lies is always the most volatile...

Expanded Universe

For 30 years, the Amphibite Empire has ruled Earth. To disagree with them is to die.Amelia Earhart was used to all the death. For 20 years, she served the Empire in the Human Soldiers of Earth.After the mushroom clouds destroyed Tehran, she grew tired of killing humans for the Empire. Now she killed humans for the Rough Riders.She received a mission from the Rough Rider Commander: Escort Albert Einstein, pride of the Upper Caste and tool of the Empire, from Paris to the South Pacific.All she had to do was avoid the combined might of the Human Soldiers of Earth searching for the loudest fugitive in existence. Shouldn't be a problem.

For sixty years, the Amphibite Empire has ruled Earth. To disagree with them is to die. With that in mind, Jim Mattis is sent by the Human Soldiers of Earth to a colony town called Berkley to stop a revolution. Listen to it now on Spotify!

In timeline C-232...The Empire, impressed at the centuries of institutional combat knowledge used by the Earth armies, established a galactic expeditionary force called "The Human Soldiers of Earth."

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