Winston Carmichael enlisted in the United States Army to get out of the trailer park. He graduated Combat Medic School, and spent one quiet tour in Iraq. A few years after he got home, Winston transitioned to the Indiana Army National Guard. When he was sent for the Warrior Training Course in Louisiana, the pandemic hit and the zombies ran rampant across the country. After making his way back home to Indianapolis, he set off a ring of explosions to destroy downtown Indianapolis to stop the oncoming herd. Soon after, he was picked up by a Marine Helicopter, and taken to the Mackinaw Island Safe Zone in Michigan. The United States Military was holding the Great Wall built across the Upper Michigan Peninsula into Wisconsin. Winston was assigned to the Combat Support Hospital along the Great Wall during the surge. During the Post War Period, Winston was assigned to HHC 1-153 Infantry Battalion in Jasper, Indiana, where he serves as Assistant Platoon Sergeant for the Medic Platoon.

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