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Divided By Zero Books

Divided By Zero Books creates Literature For Warriors, those who spend entire lives with their backs against the wall and charge in for one more swing. From soldiers fighting zombies, to homeless drug addicts trying to live through the night, each day of life makes warriors of us all. Click on a cover to find out more. 

In the dimension next door, Earth has been occupied by the Amphibite Empire since the Teddy Roosevelt Administration.

Winston Carmichael, a Sergeant First Class in The Human Soldiers of Earth, is getting out and going to University. He wants to join the Higher Caste and make life better for humanity, but his hatred of the Empire might be too much for him to sit quietly and play ball. Now he has to decide if he's going to work for the Empire he hates, or join the rebels and become a Rough Rider.

Coming May 17th, 2019!

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